Saturday, January 7, 2012

Press Release- Omar Abdullah completes three years bringing disaster, anarchy & ruins in J&K---Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party

The Govt. of J&K has committed one more herakri by misutilizing crores of rupees from the State Exchequer displaying huge adds entitled, ‘Courage…Vision…Dynamism…’ with half size hands-waving photographs of the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson. It looks disgusting that Chief Minister’s father’s face stands shut behind the hand of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi as if Dr. Farooq Abdullah has been defaced deliberately. This is the message of courage, vision and dynamism of the youngest Chief Minister of J&K who has completed three years as Chief Minister walking on the crutches of the Congress Party.

1. True, Omar Abdullah has shown courage in declaring that J&K was not integral part of the Union of India.
2. He had courage to debunk his own father behind Congress President’s arm.
3. He certainly has courage to massacre through his police about 120 mostly school-going kids last year. This was highly courageous act on the part of the Chief Minister.
4. The Chief Minister demonstrated courage and vision to sort out corruption scandal of Rs.1.18 crores involving himself, his father and the complainants, all affiliated with his political party.
5. He certainly has shown courage by dismissing the registration of an FIR even on the mysterious death of his party’s senior functionary in custody who was detained on his orders though he had no competence to do so.
6. The Chief Minister has demonstrated courage by denouncing AFSPA and declaring that he would remove the Central Law.
7. He certainly has shown courage to reduce 50% of the salary of the fresh recruits in the government jobs.
8. He had demonstrated courage in Islamabad in 2007 by expressing unconditional apology to Pakistani President on behalf of his late grandfather for having supported the Accession of the State with the Union of India.
9. He has demonstrated his vision by befriending the young prince in the Indian National Congress as his permanent ally to support him in all his deeds and misdeeds.
10. His dynamism can be witnessed from the fact that he can take the state aircraft and the helicopter along with his family members and even pets to Shimla, Delhi and Mumbai the same day at the cost of the State Exchequer.
11. His vision and dynamism can be judged from his studies of the tale of the two cities though he has not understood the spirit and commitment of the people of France who brought revolution there.
12. It is his vision and dynamism that he has reduced the Congress (his crutches) to ashes in J&K in three years. If he continues for another six months there will be no trace of the Congress left out in the state. This was the mission of his grandfather who had described State Congress leaders as ‘worms in the gutter’. Omar Abdullah has proved it.
13. Omar Abdullah has shown his vision and dynamism in manipulating Delhi Darbar and the Home Ministry to shunt the Kashmiri Migrants (mostly Pundits) permanently from the Valley by building gutters for them in the areas inhabited with the snakes and scorpions. Besides, he has demolished the very identity of Jammu Migrants by demonstrating courage to refuse to implement Supreme Court orders relating to Talwara Migrants.
14. Omar Abdullah has shown courage, vision and dynamism by befooling the entire Central leadership including Congress, BJP and the left by rejecting the voice of the people of J&K to hold Delimitation of the Assembly Constituencies.
15. The Chief Minister’s courage, vision and dynamism cannot be ignored when he declared in the Legislative Assembly to ensure return and rehabilitation of thousands of militants who went to Pakistan for a military training. The entire national leadership kept mum.
16. What a vision Omar Abdullah had demonstrated by managing to work as a minister in the BJP government in the Centre having share the broth with RSS for years. What a great dynamism that he shares his broth with Congress Prince and other Congress leaders today?
17. What a courage the CM has by proclaiming that he shall complete six years as Chief Minister of J&K even though he has not one-third majority in the Assembly. He certainly has determination to demolish the very identity of the Congress in J&K and join hands with Jamat-e-Islami to accomplish 60 years old agenda of the pro-Pak forces in J&K. Of course, with the support and cooperation of the Central leaders.
18. Of course, Omar Abdullah has accomplished his supremacy in the country over all odds. He is Chief Minister of J&K with support of the Congress and BJP when several Members Parliament and leaders in Delhi has been sent to jail for ‘cash for vote’ whereas in J&K Mr. Omar Abdullah purchased 7 BJP MLAs to purchase their votes in the Rajya Sabha and Council elections. BJP instead of taking action against Omar Abdullah, shunted out their own 7 MLAs. Thakur Amar Singh, MP can go to jail for the same offence which Mr. Omar Abdullah has committed. Omar is Chief Minister and Amar Singh in jail.

Prof. Bhim Singh has issued this rejoinder to those who have yet to understand the hidden agenda of the Abdullahs in J&K.
Sd/-Sudesh Dogra, Political Secretary

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