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AFSPA, Army bashing is the latest hobby of all intellectuals

AFSPA, Army bashing is the latest hobby of all intellectuals

An excellent suggestion. However, how will it provide immunity from legal prosecution for officers who are part of covert operations within India. According to AFSPA, a soldier is in his right to kill a person carrying a weapon but in that case even stones can be considered a weapon. Then why is hue and cry? 

The problem though appears as a public issue is not. It is a war in cloak. The idea behind inciting and masquerading people against government and officials and making them use stones instead of bombs has a reason and is an excellent gambit where the demagogue gains whether the Govt. acts or not. If the security professionals did not respond, they will get killed and it will only lead to bigger problems like anarchy, separatism, insurgency, etc. If they did respond, some casualties will occur which can again be used as a fuel for further unrest. The situation is not black and white. It is a grey. Sometimes, officers had to involve themselves in covert actions within our boundaries to stem those influential but bad eggs. In this case, I'm curious to hear the author's solution. 

However, I'm not saying fake encounters is correct. Instead, a soldier should have the right to kill anyone if he or she individually or collectively indulges in any act that can disrupt peace or cause loss of properties or involve directly or indirectly in sedition against the government. The security forces should have the right to kill those who indirectly support separatism through, but not limited to, funding, logistics, etc, or maintain close contacts with enemies of India or citizen of India. In which case, the soldier may furnish conclusive evidence before acting but need not wait for an order from his superiors. To facilitate this, the security forces should also be able to tap into anyone conversation or conduct surveillance without the need or permission of the court. But, if a soldier kills a person friend or foe for personal gains, direct or indirect, he should be considered a murderer and treated as such and also be booked under the misappropriation of official resources act and he has to serve both the sentences.
from:  Sivasathivel KANDASAMY

By a cursory opinion, yes, I would agree with Mr. Varadarajan that toning down the AFSPA would bring in reasonable accountability and proximity to the Indian Constitution. However, AFSPA is not a utopian dogma that should be meddled with. It's sheer necessity has kept Kashmir within the realms of Indian constitution. If not, they would have long detached themselves from civility and degenerated into a typical Islamist State. It would be an added threat, a potential one too, along with Pakistan. A state of war would have become the norm along that border and our Army would continuously be losing able and efficient officers. 
Hence a dilution of AFPSA should not be entertained under any circumstances.
from:  Prashanth K.P.

Sophistry over AFSPA continues. Trial balloons going up all over in the media over possible dilution of AFSPA. 

First in Kashmir Valley, and the inevitability of the Indian Army's use after all options are exhausted and many are dead, in the maoist Theatre too, makes AFSPA critical to protecting the Armed Forces. 

If AFSPA goes, so should the Indian Army. The dhotiwalas and their sycophant babu's can fight themselves then. Enough is enough!
from:  Shael Sharma

.." General Jeswal statement that extraordinary situations require extraordinary laws. " Example is Sri Lanka where the situation was brought back to normalcy by the sheer use of power. " The Hindu " supported the moves of Rajapakse. Why it is not batting for the same in Kashmir where the security forces are doing the duties assigned to them. There may be some violations. But that doesn't mean to say that we should leave the army and CRPF at the mercy of separatists who enjoying all benefits ,question the very foundation of Indian constitution and its secular credentials.
from:  Prof.R.Krishnamurthy

Virtually everyone denouncing the AFSPA,refers to the miscreants provoking the security forces as 'innocent citizens'. Hours of protest footages on channels tell a different story. Do we want our soldiers to be sacrificial goats for those seeking to harm the country. All those innocent child protestors who get killed are used in the frontline by clever seperatist leaders just to gain public sympathy. This happens daily in palestine as well, where innocent unsuspecting familes are lodged in the buildings that are in the firing line of the Israeli army. De-fanging the army is top on the agenda of the separatists and apparently the UPA govt is falling prey to their designs as has happened with j & K in all its endeavors since independence.It will be inviting chaos if AFSPA is diluted it will be the beginning of the end of Indian Kashmir.It has been a story of total sellout by congress govts since decades.The so called secular and liberal brigades are adding oil to the burning pyre.
from:  Ganesh

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