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Ladakh Magnetic Hill

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Magnetic Hill on Leh-Nimu Road where the Phenomenon that defies the Law of Gravity.

In the Drivers' seat, Ankit Goel left the Gear on neutral to verify it and as shot by Hari M P, the car reached the speed of 20 kmph within seconds.
Others in the scene are Bikiran Bayan and Farhan Shaikh.

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Ladakh Magnetic Hill

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...don't idle cars go forward automatically anyways? If they really wanted to show that the mountain is that magnetic they would've just tossed a magnet into the air and it would've gone flying towards the mountain....
xzc426 1 year ago

@xzc426 any kind of magnetic force (including gravitational) depends on the mass of 2 bodies involved and is so meagre that if the earth's mass would not have been what it is, we wud hav been flying all around.

so, when we talk about a magnetic hill and a magnet, the force would be so negligible that the magnet won't move at all. brush up your lessons on physics
fmsite 1 year ago 2

What law of gravity is being defied? Don't idling cars drift downhill everywhere?
strathmeyer 1 year ago 4

@strathmeyer the gravity pulls everything down which means that any idle car on a downhill road will start moving down on its own.

Here, on this spot (30 km from Leh), the road goes upwards and if the car is left idle, it still moves ahead. It is said to be caused due to the magnetic force of the Grand Hill on the front.
fmsite 1 year ago

the road goes downwards, quite clearly actually. there are dozens of places like this in the world, the surroundings act as an optical illusion making it look like the road slopes upwards.
thesurgeon 1 year ago 5

@thesurgeon that observation is interesting and the road moving uphill might be just an optical illusion. I suppose, I would like to measure that scientifically. One can measure the altitude at two ends of road or measure the magnetic pull at that spot otherwise there is no confirmation whether the road is uphill or downhill
fmsite 1 year ago
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is it me, or does it look downhill?

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