Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dum Aloo

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I beg 2 differ mr chef with ur Kashmiri dum aloo reciepe .itz not the typical traditional Kashmiri dum aloo is as follows:

1) Boild potate wiithout skin with holes(more holes means betta dum aloo)

2) Then deep fry the same till it loses all it weight.

3) Curd if u wish

4) Fennel powder(3 to 4 tsp)

5) Chilli powder( 2-3 tsp)

6) 2 Black cardmom

7) 1 inch cinemon

8) Salt to taste

Then mix it well & put some water and boil it. till the water disappers. and your dum aloo is ready
asheeshmattoo 3 weeks ago

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