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Ladkah Music Festival - Jammu & Kashmir

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This video was filmed in India in 2006

The colourful harvest celebration - the Ladakh Festival is a beautiful festival. It last for a whole week. There are buddhist mask dances, polo games and a lot of other things going on. Don't miss it when you are in India during this time. Leh is very Tibetan (in my opinion even more Tibetan than Tibet itself)

Travel Tip:
To get to Ladakh overland you will have to go via the Manali Highway unless you are coming from Shrinagar. It is a murderish highway and it was the only time I suffered from accute mountain sickness. No fun, I tell you. Take it easy the first days in Leh until you get used to the altitude.

(Jammu & Kashmir, 2006)
for Akim, Mathiew, Greque

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