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Opposition to Dogra certificate ill-motivated Gist Of Govt Order

Opposition to Dogra certificate ill-motivated
Gist Of Govt Order  

4/20/2011 12:24:28 AM

JAMMU, Apr 19: Syed Ali Shah Geelani has asked the state government to withdraw its order concerning the issuance of Dogra certificates to the Dogras of Jammu province latest by April 30 and threatened an agitation in the event of the authorities not accepting his dictate. Geelani has, in addition, said: “Kashmir has been trapped under a colonial power after the oppression of Dogra autocracy. Slaves fail to understand the deceptions of colonial powers. They are shown the mirages of development, roads, elections, etc. But we need to understand that without getting rid of slavery, none of our problems will be solved…We cannot pick up guns because we don’t have a state, Army or resources to back up our struggle. Therefore, a peaceful struggle is the best way to end the illegal occupation of India.” In other words, he has – apart from demanding revocation of the order regarding the issuance of Dogra certificates – also condemned the Dogras. And, what he said was not altogether unexpected. 
Geelani’s demand is ill-motivated and his threat unwarranted, rabidly anti-Dogra and highly provocative. It would be an evil day if the state government would obey his dictate and take cognizance of his threat. If at all the state government succumbs to the Geelani’s blackmailing tactics, it would obviously means that it has abdicated its authority and recognized that it is Geelani who is in the driver’s seat and not the government of Omar Abdullah. To be more precise, it would mean that Geelani is the chief determinant and Omar Abdullah a mere figurehead, something no Chief Minister worth his name would ever tolerate. There is no doubt whatever that Geelani and others of his ilk are simply making mountains out of the moll-hills and seeking to create an environment that would surely set the Dogras against the Kashmiri Muslims and the vice-versa and vitiate further the state’s already rather vitiated religio-political scene. 
It would be only appropriate to reproduce here the official gist of the March 25, 2011 order concerning Dogra certificate to call the Geelani’s bluff and put things in perspective. The gist of the government order reads like this: “1. The relaxation in standards of height (by 5 cm) and chest expansion (by 2 cm) in recruitment to CPMF (Central paramilitary forces) is applicable to certain states/communities and governed by the CMPF Recruitment Rules adopted by the SSC. 2. This benefit of relaxation under these rules is also applicable to the residents of Kashmir Valley and hill areas of Leh and Ladakh. 3. Some candidates of Jammu division need Dogra Certificate to avail this relaxation in height by 5 cm and chest expansion by 2 cm. 4. No inhabitant of Jammu region can be denied the Dogra Certificate on the basis of religion/caste or creed. It is more related to a region rather than a religion/community/caste/creed. 5. This certificate is only for seeking relaxation in the standards of height and chest in recruitment to CPMFs. No benefit of recruitment in any job in J&K flows out of it. 6. This certificate does not give a ‘preferential claim’ to any one in getting recruited in CPMF, but it only enables a limited number of candidates to avail relaxation in chest and height standard dimension who need it. 7. This certificate does not in any way change anyone’s ethnicity/culture. 8. This certificate is optional and is sought only by those candidates who are desirous of joining CPMF. 9. The Tehsildars of Jammu Division have been issuing the ‘Dogra Certificate’ to the permanent residents of Jammu Division on different proforma. This procedure needed to be streamlined and made uniform across the Jammu Division.” 
The gist is self-explanatory and suggests that the government order is in no way discriminatory. Hence, no further elucidation. Suffice it to say that the likes of Geelani are all out to provoke the Jammu Dogras and create troubles for the government. It is for the government to act appropriately and show the likes of Geelani their rightful place. They do enjoy any popular support and it has been established beyond any shadow of doubt by the very heavy turn out during the ongoing election process set-in-motion to elect panchayats. 

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