Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hurriyat leader heckled at press conference in Delhi

It is better for Jammu & Kashmir to be a part of India and many other Hindustani Muslims show their support for Kashmir being a part of India as they curse Geelani, Kafir-e-Azam (

Hurriyat leader heckled at press conference in Delhi

Hurriyat hawk Syed Ali Shah Geelani had an agenda on his Delhi visit. Sadly, for him, he would have to remain an unsatisfied man.Though it was not the first time that somebody tried to communalise the Kashmir issue, it was probably the first time by somebody from the Hurriyat.

However, Geelani's evil designs not just met with shoe that was hurled at him at a meeting in the national capital. He also got a rude shock when people from the Muslim community showed up with a group of Kashmiri Pandits who reached a seminar at the LTG Auditorium on Copernicus Marg, being attended by Geelani and Naxal supporters like Arundhati Roy.

Nasim Akhtar, 40, is one of the city Muslims who had joined the representatives of the displaced community in protesting against the Hurriyat hardliner.Parliament attack accused Prof SAR Geelani had organised the seminar and the subject was Kashmir's 'azaadi'.

"These Pandits are living with me for the last many years. I can understand their pain of being separated from their motherland. The separatists have done great injustice with them. Even if they want a free Kashmir, it could not be made on the basis of religious discrimination," Akhtar, leader of a traders association in Karol Bagh, told MiD DAY.

"People like Geelani must know that divisive agenda cannot succeed," he said. Akhtar said he wanted Geelani to know that what he was doing is wrong. "They breathe in India's air, they wear clothes made in India, they eat food grown in India, the live on Indian land then how could they talk against India. If they want to quit India then I dare them to stop using everything that is Indian."

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