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Its not a struggle for freedom but its a communal movement which is a part of plan to carve out greater muslim area

Ankush says:

October 30,2010 at 03:17 PM IST

Hi! Mr. CP Surendran. There are many drawing room intelectuals in INDIA, you seem to be one of them. I want to highlight few points here as i am a state subject(citizen) of Jammu & Kashmir. 

1) Correct your dictionary as its a state of Jammu and Kashmir and not only Kashmir as most of you think. 

2) We the jammuities (all sections), Kashmiri pandits, people of leh/laddakh, other minorities of Kashmir are equal stake holders of our kindly don't propogate falsehood of one of the constituent i,e of Kashmiri people keep on highlighting only the blackmailers 

3) Its not a struggle for freedom but its a communal movement which is a part of plan to carve out greater muslim area..If you are unaware then instead of going to planned meetings initiated by these terrorists (joined by people like roy) go to a mosques in kashmir on any friday and you will discover the truth..decipher it, it would be good for people like you who keep churning out article after article in national papers without even knowing an iota of ground realities. 

4) A for as freedom of speech and its spirit...There can be no freedom of speech in isolation, first respect the constitution before demanding rights to free cannot question the constitution and then demand rights too....You cant have cake and eat it too dear 

5) Hope you will try to discover the truth of Jammu & Kashmir before fishing in troubled waters.. May GOD bless you and the rest of the intelectuals

Indian Idiot says:

October 30,2010 at 05:11 AM IST

Kashmir is an Afghanistan in the making. Poor souls who want separation from India will surely be subjected to brutal terrorism from pro- and anti- Pak supporters. In the year 2010, only ignorant fools would think that Pak is a better economic option than India. As far as Kashmiris being a separate cultural tribe, what about the Pandits who were killed and driven away. I wonder if these Pandits yearned for Pak and freedom from India. Thanks to Nehru and Artcile 370. The family continues to screw India to this day.

BG Subhash says:

October 30,2010 at 10:31 AM IST

Dear Mr Surendran, You should reflect in your articles to ask Kashmiri Azadists to ponder about what Azadi means, its implications to Azad Kahmir surrounded by Land grabbing China, Suicide squad specialists, always with a begging bowl for Alms - Pakistan & the third Democratic country India. Kashmir is a land locked country. Azadis in Kashmir must know that they live in a land locked country. What does Azadi mean to a land locked country as they have to depend on the above three countries for every thing.It is all right to talk about Azadi but its responsibilities are huge. Will some separatists list these for the knowledge of Aam Kashmiri! Here is a sample for Azadists. This is the attitude of Pakistan which is in your editorial Article today "Pakistan on the Mind" QUOTE The Pakistan Army is paranoid about Indian Diplomatic presence across Afghan cities and concerned that the road India has built to give Afghanistan access to the Arabian sea via Iran is designed to loosen Pakistan`s hold on afghan trade" UNQUOTE It appears Pakistan is commandered by its army, Aam Pakistani`s concern is never on its mind. Kashmiris by now know that Land grabber China has already grabbed TIBET! By doing what they are doing Azadists are advocating large scale hara kiri for young kashmiris! New Age Kashmiri`s must think and in their own interest reject the calls from Azadists from practical point of view.

shailendram says:

October 30,2010 at 12:34 AM IST

CP Surendran and Arundhati Roys of the world should study the changes in the religious demography of the 4 states he is referring to in this article: Overall Jammu & Kashmir- 75% Muslims, Kashmir- 99% Muslims, Mizoram- 85% Christians, Nagaland- 90% Christians, Manipur- 60% Christians and 20% Muslims. The fact of the matter is that, each and every state of India is going to demand "Aazadi" as soon as Hindus become a minority. Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and few other large states are in the queue to demand "Aazadi" from India in next one or two decades.

Satbir Singh Bedi says:

October 29,2010 at 01:10 PM IST

You have not mentioned about the Khalistani movement when Sikhs demanded an independent Khalistan. The movement was crushed by the then Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant Singh with the support of KPS Gill and with the active support of the then Narasimha Rao Govt. at the Centre. It was right to do so for otherwise it would have led to Balkanisation of the nation. Presuming that Khalistan was formed and Kashmir, Nagaland, Mizoram and Manipur as well as Assam (ULFA are demanding liberation of Assam from India) are given freedom, will they survive. The answer is clearly No. The Kashmir and Khalistan, if it is formed, would be immediately attacked and occupied by Pakistan and Mizoram, Nagaland, Manipur and Assam as well as Arunachal Pradesh would be eaten away by China. A fedral set up for India would not work. It would only lead to the balkanisation of the nation. The case of Scotland, etc. is different. The people are educated and know how to remain in a Fedral system but in India, the people are poor and do not know the nuances of fedralism. They only understand the concept of a unitary Govt. that we inherited from the British. That is why our Constitution maker thought of a unitary system of Govt.

Ashok Gupta says:

October 29,2010 at 11:31 AM IST

Mrs.Roy/ Geelani have the support of Congress party to declare Kashmir as an Independent state. Over the years National conference/ PDP have been ruling J & K with the support of Congress J& K, and the situation being created by these parties to give Independence to Kashmir Valley. It appears they have a secret game plan with Pakistan to declare Kashmir as an independent State. Intentionally an atmosphere being created in the rest of India, so that all parties and the common people agree to it. Congress was responsible for the first division of India, under the leadership of Eldest Gandhi/ Nehru. Now they are preparing the country for second division. Thereafter North east will go to China. Rest will follow. Like Maoist state with in the boundaries of India. All the contrymen should be prepared now, for the game plan of Congress, for Balkanization of India. USA /China also want the same.

KKK says:

October 29,2010 at 10:55 AM IST

1. 'Neelofer and Aasia were raped and murdered by security personnel'. The inquiry report clearly states that they were not raped, and the role of security personnel was not established. The entire 'rape and murder by security personnel' story was spread by separatists to defame the Indian state. Kindly state the evidence on the basis of which you are challenging the CBI report. 2. 'Roy did not mention secession'. She is reported to have said that Kashmir deserves azaadi from bhooka-nanga India. That is secession, not a demand for justice. Is your blog based on facts, or on Roy-Geelani propoganda?

Saini guy says:

October 29,2010 at 08:59 AM IST

India will be destroyed not by its enemies but by its liberals. This guy has already determined that Shopian women were raped by Security Forces...atleast he could have made a pretence of journalistic integrity by using the word "allegedly" since no court has indicted the accused. He probably believes that 34 Sikhs were killed by Indian Army when Clinton came. Give freedom to who and from what? What is going to happenn in Kashmir if India pulls out. It is going to be another Islamist state where non-Muslims are second rate citizens and Bin Laden will probably be living in a household with a brood of submissive burqa clad women. I wish Laden takes Arudhati as one of his wives. Then perhaps she might learn the consequnces of what she is advocating. If America had given "freedom" to states of southern cofedration during civil war, those states would still be practicing slavery and there would be no USA as we know today. These liberals pull out facile parallels to justify that is unjustifiable. Maybe they are writing such articles just for their shock value to gain higher ratings.

(Reply to sopore)- Balkrishan says:

October 29,2010 at 07:07 PM IST

I do not agree that It was Jagmohan the then Governor of Kashmir who facilitated and instigated Pandit exodus.This is totally and totally false. My brother stayed back in Kashmir and did not leave the place. He was killed in his farm while tilling the land and his body was not allowed to be lifted for an honourable cremation. This happened in June 1990 at Khrew (Kashmir). My neighbour in Srinagar (Fateh Kadal) who refused to leave Kashmir was killed just outside Rughnath Mandir when he came out After offering puja.This happened in May 1990. There are hundreds of cases with us where Pandits did not leave in Jan 1990 but stayed back; yet had to leave later on after they were forced by the militants and their supporters to leave.

Sachetak says:

October 28,2010 at 09:34 PM IST

Now it is too much. I am certain, TOI has been infiltrated by ISI agents. The reference to one stray incident of rape could be understood, but to say 'there are thousands like Ahangar' is too shameful, as a journalist and a senior Editor of TOI, to write. Do you realise, you have levelled a very serious charge against the security forces? Please supply proof and correct figure. You should be ashamed to openly defame and insult the Indian Army this way. Please have some respect for the Defence Forces which have sacrificed hundreds/thousands of its personnel at the hands of the Kashmiri terrorists and ISI infiltrators to keep the country intact. Army should take note of your insinuation and ask the Govt to take action against you. Now that you have touched the subject, would you give the fiures of rape by local terrorists and other muslim infiltrators also? The fact is, while involvement of a security personnel is an exceptional case which is being made too much of; there are thousands of cases of rape by the terrorists that are not even reported and recorded for fear of life. Please stop misguiding public that majority of Kashmiris want independence and then cite example of Scotland to justify their demand. Pandits, sikhs and other Hindus (who have been driven out) are also a part of Valley population and they are proud to be Indian. Besides, majority of muslims there do not want to part away. The talk of majority wanting independence is simply nonsense. It is only a handful misguided lot, who control the entire neihbourhood, that are fomenting trouble. Tell me, how these so called leaders of separatist movement are leading such luxurious life? Your article openly advocates disintegration of the country; and I deplore it in the strongest words.

(Reply to Sachetak)- Karun says:

October 29,2010 at 03:01 PM IST

There are also thousands of Pandits looking for justice in Kashmir. The most brutal occupation is in fact the occupation of Kashmiri Hindu homes and lands by the Islamic separatists led by Geelani. But neither Ms Roy nor Mr Surendran care about that!

(Reply to Sachetak)- Gautam Tikoo says:

October 29,2010 at 06:17 PM IST

Sacheta, I totally agree with u. I am just wondering if these well read Editors of ToI are agents of ISI. If they can’t do any good to our country, at least they can stop harming by posting such comments on India. I wonder if speaking/writing against the common sense has become next in thing in journalism!

ss says:

October 28,2010 at 09:33 PM IST

I agree with the idea that we are not the state. The state is for us and we are not for the state. However, I also note that none of you in the mainstream media ever state the fact that kashmir is essentially a muslim problem. And this problem is being repeated in other parts of India with the media being completely silent about it. This stance of the mediais going to have bad consequences, because the people know what is going on.

Satnam W says:

October 28,2010 at 09:13 PM IST

Dear CP Surendran , You seem to be a softer version of Arundhati to me justifying her statements about Kashmir. Quoting from your article " Roy did not mention secession in her speech. She only said Kashmiri people be given justice". Let me tell you one thing straight , Kashmir was home of Kashmiri Pandits as much as its of the Kashmiri Muslims. The demographics of the state was changed when the Kashmiri pandits were forced to migrate from their motherland. They were forced to embrace Islam or else they were kiled brutally. Ms. Roy is deeply concerned about the kashmiri muslims but what about the Kashmiri pandits? Who has given her the right to speak on their behalf. Mr Surendran , Ms Roy associated the Bombay attack on Taj Palace with the oppression of muslims in india and then Kashmir scenario.Statements like these would do no good to the nation. Instead these would create an unbridged divide between the two communities. Sharing the stage with a separatist and asking for a new state is not secession then , Mr Surendran , what the heck should be the defination of secession ? Mr. Surendran , India as a country has been quite accomodating. If you take a look at the history of the country,its for ages that we have accomodated many different cultures - islam being the prominent. On the other hand , you have compared us to brutal Americans/Britishers. The comparison doesnt hold good for any reason since the circumstances are different for both. UK governed India from 1700s to 1947 basically for cheap raw material and to exploit the natural resources of our country.Similerly ,US attcked iraq for crude and everybody knows that. India , on the other hand , gets no such benefit from kashmir.Neither the kashmir tourism is supprting India because of unfavourable military atmosphere nor natural resources are being exhausted for personal motives.Infact a vast portion of our tax payers money goes to maintain order in Kashmir.

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