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Basohli is a small town and is a Tehsil Headquarter in Kathua district of Jammu and Kashmir

Basohli is a small town and is a Tehsil Headquarter. It is situated on the right bank of River Ravi at an altitude of 1876 ft. It is founded by Raja Bhupat Pal sometimes in 1635. It was known for magnificient places which are now in ruins and miniatures paintings (Basohli Paintings). 


The 135 MW Sewa Hydel Project is being constructed on the Sewa river, tributary of Ravi River between Ghatti and Maska village in Basohli Tehsil of Kathua District. 

Second Phase of Rs 672 Crore SEWA HYDRO-ELECTRIC  PROJECT Was launched by Minister for Power Mr Surjit Singh Slathia at Mashka in Basohli Tehsil of Kathua District. The Project will be completed by the NHPC in five years and will generate electric-potential of 120 MWs. The Power generated by this Project will go in the pool of  National Grid  of  India. The J&K will get due power share from pool. 


Chamunda Devi Temple is located near the main chowk in Basohli town. The goddess is worshiped here in the shape of Natural rock. It is highly venerated by the people.


Hydro electric Project (Thein Dam) being constructed at the west bank of river Ravi by the Govt of Punjab and Himachal Paradesh. It as 6 turbines. It is 600 MW Hydel project. The Govt of Punjab, Himachal Paradesh and Jammu and Kashmir are the beneficiaries of this Project.

Jammu & Kashmir has 20% share in this project.Prime Minister Sh Atal Behari Vajpayee has inaugurated  the project . At present only one turbine is working (producing 150 MW). The Officers Colony is at Chaper Kandi (Pathankote), 25 Kms from Kathua.


It is new emerging tourist spot in middle Himalayas. It is 27 Kms from Basohli (Tehsil HQ) and 87 Kms from Kathua. It is a ridge blanked with thick CHIR, DEODHAR and SHRUBS. It experiences temperate type of climate. 

It receives winter rainfall from wetern disturbances and summer rainfall from mansoons. Cold winter and pleasant summer are the main attractinns of this place. Many Tourist Melas are organized by the Tourist Department of J&K Govt to promote tourism in the area. Tourist Huts are also proposed to be constructed. 

Bus service available from Basohli (tehsil HQ). 


A small town on Basohli-Dhar mahanpurIt is situated at a height of 3700 ft. It is a ridge flanked with thick CHIR, DEODAR and SHRUBS. It experiences temperate type of climate . Cold winter and pleasant summer are the main attractinns of this place. 

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