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Those who look at arbitrators are enemies of peace and harmony in J&K. by Daya Sagar

Those who look at arbitrators are enemies of peace and harmony in J&K. 
by  Daya Sagar

*( Daya Sagar is social activist and leading scribe on Kashmir affairs dayasagr@yahoo.co.uk) 

Those from with in India who have been repeating that India and Pakistan would never be able to arrive at a workable peaceful settlement over J&K without the help of outside powers have been adding to more of confusions in the minds of the people of J&K. Some of such people are known constitutional experts as well as have held senior positions even in political parties. These people from their hearts have never tried for creating conditions amongst the people of Kashmir Valley where in it could be believed that in October 1947 Maharaja Hari Singh lawfully acceded to India. . Rather governments at New Delhi too have never genuinely rejected / discouraged such opinion makers. 

Those who plead that outsiders can play the role of an honest broker, friendly facilitator and effective mediator to the benefit of both India and Pakistan have rather helped indirectly all those who at the back of the insurgents who negate the 1947 accession of J&K with Dominion of India. Surely such people are working against the interest of both Pakistan and India since pace in both countries is disturbed by such elements.

It is a hard reality that immediately after the British had realized that there will be no other better option for them than to wind up from the lands of India , both the British and the United States of America had looked for all possible ways and techniques in the times to come that could always keep the dominion of India un easy. UK and US were also not interested to allow Pakistan remain in peace but they were more worried about India becoming a power in times to come. Pakistan that was created on the foundations of hatred towards the Hindu and India was an easily exploitable child for them . US wanted to have some base near to Russia and also an irritating boil for India . Leaderships of both these countries feared of India going friendly with Russia. Ofcourse China could be another power to compete in times to come . Hence in today’s times such type of thinkers and opinion makers are great risk to the interests of both Pakistan and India where a possible nuclear conflagration could be feared in the region. It is in the interest of both J&K and India that such elements are pushed to the walls. Some of the so called experts on Kashmir affairs also drag in the name of Mahatama Gandhi for giving impressions that they are very much concerned for peaceful coexistence. They even hold the Hindus equally responsible for partition of India and infer that on January 30, 1948 Gandhiji became the victim of a senseless and tragic assassination as a punishment for applying soothing honey to the smarting wounds which Hindus and Muslims were inflicting on each other on the eve of Independence. In case my opinion is wrong then surely these people are neither honestly remembering Gandhiji nor do they practice the Gandhian simplicity.

In the name of Gandhi they advocate the use of arbitrators and suggest that arbitration should be a preferred approach for India and Pakistan settling the differences over J&K State. Rather such experts in principle advocate that we should accept that there does exist a legitimate dispute between India and Pakistan and Pakistan has a case. They do forget that the Maharaja of J&K had legitimately acceded to India and hence Pakistan does not have any logical reasons to make a dispute about the territories of J&K. Since UK and US were always inclined to keep India disturbed both these powers actively prompted the issues in United Nations on behalf of Pakistan atleast for 20 years after 1947.

Some have been comparing the status of Jammu and Kashmir State as an element of dispute between India and Pakistan with the differences that existed in 1939 between West European Democracies and on German claims over Danzig and the Polish Corridor. The comparison of this type can only be made out of sure ignorance of the facts.

It is so funny that persons like Ram Jethmilani have suggested use of an arbitrator over J&K for India and Pakistan. He has also tried to support his suggestion with the plea that even Gandhijee had supported the arbitration of debt questions between free India and the United Kingdom. He has even claimed in one of his articles published in an English daily that Gandhijee had agreed to the use of an arbitrator for the Kashmir question. For the sake of winning recognitions people do not even bother for the damage such fake controversial claims would do to the person of the heroes like Mahatama Gandhi.

In the past and till 1994 Resolution of Indian Parliament the official stand of the Government of India had been that Pakistan had intruded into the Indian territory in Jammu and Kashmir. Where as Pakistan maintained that it had a dispute with India over the accession of J&K with India. No doubt J&K affairs have been mishandled more particularly after 1990 . Even the leaders from Delhi have handled the J&K affairs like a legitimate dispute between India and Pakistan . There are also some other opinion makers in India who contrary to official claims of Government have in their writings and statements even termed the J&K affairs as an international dispute. Unfortunately such elements are not discouraged by GOI, rather they are involved in committees concerning J&K affairs.

The happenings in Pakistan after 3rd November 2007 have lessons for many experts who believe that best way to gain prominence at international levels is to criticize government of India . There have been some people who were showering all sorts of admiration on Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf and accusing India repeatedly for having a less honest, less tardy, half-hearted, unenthusiastic and insincere response to the hand for compromise extended by Musharraf for settlement of Kashmir Dispute .To them iron was hot but India was not sincere. . Such people have miserably failed to feel the pulse of Pakistan. What have these people now to say. Do they still believe that Musharraf had the capacity and the mandate of the people of Pakistan to close the Kashmir dispute ? May it be Benazir or may it be Nawaz Shrief , the conditions in Pakistan would take years to change. No leader in Pakistan can politically survive after some workable negotiations over J&K, even by accepting LOC as an international border. The so called well meaning friends who had brought about a tremendous change in the attitude of President Musharraf with the help of some influential thinkers and writers inside Pakistan have no practical standing outside their meeting rooms. It must be accepted that military men and most of the clerics in Pakistan are hard and hostile against any one who would share Kashmir with India.

The suggestions being made by some and those being thought as being drafted with the mind of America to resolve the so called Kashmir problem do not appear workable under the present circumstances. Even if we accept for a moment that the J&K Problem could be narrowed down to be seen as Kashmir ( Kashmir Region ) and an issue involving three parties ( India, Pakistan and people of J&K) , still the drafts being talked about unofficially do not stand for any workable solution.There is life in the suggestions like both India and Pakistan acknowledge the present Line Of Control as an international border between two vibrant and friendly democracies. But those who suggest that movement of citizens and goods across the borders in J&K be kept completely free are raising more of confusions than making a solution. Borders have to be like other parts of India and Pakistan.

Those from non political groups must come forward in J&K and save the future of the new generations from confusions. Only people from J&K can restore normalcy in J&K. Those who look at arbitrators are enemies of peace and harmony in J&K.

*( Daya Sagar is social activist and leading scribe on Kashmir affairs dayasagr@yahoo.co.uk)

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