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BJP slams Kashmir interlocutors for Pakistan remark Indo-Asian News Service - Hindustan Times

BJP slams Kashmir interlocutors for Pakistan remark
Indo-Asian News Service

New Delhi, October 24, 2010


 Describing the comments of the interlocutors on Jammu and Kashmir "as if they are rationalising Pakistan's stand on its 'unfinished agenda' on Kashmir", the Bharatiya Janata Party on Sunday demanded a clarification from the Prime Minister's Office. The party said the PMO should clarify if this was part of the brief given to the interlocutors.

"It seems as if the panel (of three interlocutors) is arguing for the (pro-freedom) Hurriyat angle," BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said in a statement in New Delhi.

Sitharaman was referring to a statement of Dilip Padgaonkar, one of the three interlocutors, in Srinagar Saturday that Pakistan has to be involved for a permanent solution of the Kashmir issue.

Padgaonkar said: "We are here to look for a permanent solution to the Kashmir issue…but a permanent solution is not possible without the involvement of Pakistan."

"Any attempt to have a comprehensive solution without Pakistan's involvement is not possible. Pakistan has to be involved," he added.

The BJP spokersperson said the party wondered "if this is a part of the brief which has been given to the panel of interlocutors".

The interlocutors were expected to engage with various citizens' groups to understand the ground realities and to engage with the citizens from various quarters, she pointed out.

"But the comment made, even as they are about to start their assignment, is unnecessarily internationalising the process," she said.

"What is the Pakistan dimension that the interlocutor is referring to?" the BJP leader questioned.

"Is this a part of the brief given or has he stepped beyond their (the panel's) brief?" Sitharaman asked.

The central government Oct 13 appointed a three-member team of interlocutors - senior journalist Dilip Padgaonkar, academic Radha Kumar and former Central Information Commissioner MM Ansari - to interact with political and social groups and individuals and to suggest ways to defuse the crisis in Jammu and Kashmir.

Indiafirst 4 hours ago

Padgaonkar should know that already Pakistan is very much living inside Kashmir. What is that 'more' involvement? Are we inviting them to start terror schools inside India as well? Over last 63 years we restricted entry of India with article 370,while Pakistan pushed inside Pakistanis to poison innocent Kashmiris and the result is what we are facing now. Kashmir has been made almost an extended Pakistan.
What solution we are thinking now,even if we interact with hard,semi hard,soft liners along with Kasmiri Indians. We are at wit's end, only history will tell what is in store.

Johnson Thomas Karingozhakal 5 hours ago

Padgaonkar is the man who claimed on an NDTV item that he looks up to Kosambi for inspiration!!!

I can bet my bottom dollar all these three members are leftists to the core! They will only do stuff that will advance China's interests not India's national interest as protecting Indian national interest is a dirty word and idea for them.

Nathan_rkv 4 hours ago in reply to ANUPAM

Look how Arundhati Roy is sitting next to Geelani under the warmth of his tool and proudly endorsing his anti India stand. Dude, it is possible only in India, if they would be have been elsewhere just imagine what would have been there fate. It is the Congress led government, which makes the majority Hindus to feel insecure in their own motherland and eventual persecution. How sad, the people of India elect these thugs back to power again and again !

Dorothy 5 hours ago

Padgaonkar has never been known for his capabilities. As an editor, he ranked at the bottom. The paper he presides over has become a joke!

And the joke of a government that we have at the Center has decided to entrust this intractable problem of Kashmir to a man such as this!

The BJP is right in demanding an explanation from these jokers who are on the verge of splitting this country, with their policies of minority appeasement.

Manu 2 hours ago

It is not only Arundhat Roy - Teesta Setalvad - Sagarika Ghose - Bharkha Dutt - Gautam Navlakha are threat to India but lot more in " Family Limited Companies ".

Deep 3 hours ago

The dictionary definition of interlocutors is "someone who informally explains the views of a government and also can relay messages back to a government." Thus, many comments in this blog condeming Padgaonkar are just shooting the messenger. If Padgaonkar is merely expressing the views of the disfunctional Indian PM and his Goverment, the comments should be directed at the Goverment. If on the other hand, Padgaonkar has exceeded his authority in stating what is not the view of the goverment, he should be fired.

Ambu 1 hour ago

TOI, IE, HT, The Hindu,NDTV,Bollywood,Tollywood,Congress Highcommand are run fromVatican City.
Their aim is to promote are anti-hindu , anti-muslim, anti- Indian culture THEME and occupy the country through street dog culture.
The recent negative attitude on RS from those forces is only to THREATEN RSS not to obstruct the Vatican agenda.

m s reddy 1 hour ago

interlocutors are supposed to hear and not express views in the beginning of their mission. it pre-empts their judgement. Padgoankar does not maitain that balance and it looks he is unfit for the job. more so when main opposition makes comments, he should not react and take it in right sense. if he could not bear criticism it is disqualification. it is seen he is used by PM to use such language - in other words he is acting as Congress front man.

Dattagupta 3 hours ago

With friends like Padgoankar India will probably need to look friends among LeT, Al-Qeda or ISI. This despicable man is in the same league as Arundhiti Roy and various islamist outfits who see all the problems in their universe stemming from Hindus, and the Muslims being the innocent victims. In India, where secular has altogether weird definition, are precondition for acceptance and getting accolades as being uber-secular intellectual of distinction. One must ask why has Chidambram not stated what is the precise remit of these interlocutors, and more importantly why was there a not a balanced representation of all the views, and lack of presentation of interest of the sizeable and largely marginalised and long suffering minorities Pundits and of J&K Hindus, Shias and Ladhakis? The state is only awarding those who, like Sunnis, are involved in terrorism, and thereby encouraging the above minorities to do the very same? What has BJP to say about this marginalization?

Rishikesh9658 4 hours ago

The c ongress party by allowing Hurruyat leader to give sermon for azadi in New Delhi has proved that it is anti national party. By allowing the interlocutors to speak for Pakistan the party has lost all the respect. There is no problem for congress party to hand over mulim dominateed kashmit to Pakistan as it was its founder Nehrujis wish. If India is forced to hand ovcer kashmir then Sonia has to take asylum in Italy

Bnvenkataraman,Lucknow 2 hours ago

I agree with Uttam Sarkar
This Padgaonkar is a Congress man. Congres has created this Kashmir problem in the first place.
This Dilip Padgoankar has given enough clue in Times of India on the next day's issue of Ayodhya verdict for Muslims to go for Supreme court.
He is quite intelligent to give his reasoning but does not show enough partriatism in each and every issue.
He is one of the guy in leading division of India on religious grounds.

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