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Readers Comments on Kashmir

Readers Comments on Kashmir

Aleem 16 hours ago

I want to tell the world whats happening in Kashmir as I have close family members in Srinagar.

With a fading insurgency, dipping public support and dwindling number of jihadists, the separatists and radicals have found a novel weapon in Jammu and Kashmir stone pelting.

The modus operandi has involved recruitment of a hundred odd stone pelters, with a large percentage of children amongst them, in a few areas of J&K. These cadres assemble as per a schedule that is circulated via Twitter, Facebook, SMS and such other means. Over ground workers of separatist and terror outfits muster men, women and children to congregate at the appointed place and time.

The crowd agitates forcing the deployment of police forces, and the core cadre starts pelting stones. The mob mentality takes over, the situation turns violent with the crowd braving the riot control arsenal till they draw fire.

It leads to the death of a few more, thereby providing the fodder for the Kashmir valley to remain on the boil, a little longer.

A wave of resentment in the populace forced the jihadists to call a halt. Today, the same child is pelting stones for about Rs 470 a day, in a sub-continent where millions live on less than about Rs 94 per day.

The goal is also to sell it as a mass movement in J&K. The stone throwing has been compared to the Intifada (uprising) in Palestine. However, THIS IS ANYTHING BUT A MASS MOVEMENT.

Tourism is amongst the more established industries in the Kashmir valley. A couple of seasons ago it was difficult to get a house boat on the famous Dal Lake in Srinagar [ Images ] without having booked months in advance. The stone pelting movement has been undertaken during the tourist season that starts around April and goes on up to October.

With the valley in turmoil, the average Kashmiri has taken a hard hit. They surely did not want any such trouble, and definitely not in the season when it would be detrimental to their annual earnings, the most.

The organisations behind the whole movement belong to the separatist and jihadi groups. It is been guided by the likes of Masarat Alam Bhat, who has already promised that the movement would intensify after Eid ul Fitr. Also involved are separatist leaders like Ayesha Andrabi of the Dukhtaraan-e-Millat, recently arrested by the state government.

Militancy was all but over; its back broken. However, the jihadis changed tactics. They came out with stones, evoking an emotional response.The objective remains to create a perception of the state authorities being brutal; a repressive regime that responds with a bullet to a mere stone being thrown at it.


in reply to Abhilash_847

The land of the Pandits was occupied by a foreign ideology called Islam. Isnt that how history records it? Not only that, the Pandits were treated shamefully by the colonizers. So why not sympathize with the Pandits for once? Are not their rights important?

in reply to Abhilash_847

" We have lived in India for 5000 years". -- This India included Kashmir.

"Muslims have lived in Kashmir for 400 years". So who gets priority? The one who has lived there for 5000 years, or the one who arrived merely 400 years back?

If you have lived in your house for 10 years, and I came there 5 years back, can I say you are colonizing my land?

So it is okay for say, Hindus settled in Malaysia for the last 150 years to demand azadi? Would it be alright for Indians to settle en masse in the Silicon Valley using liberal visa regimes and then demand azadi? Would it be okay for Pandits to demand azadi from "azad Kashmir"?

moon 15 hours ago

Gandhi made a big mistake. What has Pakistan's creation done for us? Did it bring peace to anyone in the subcontinent? Are the Pakistanis happy today? Are Indians happy? Are Muslims happy? Hindus happy? Who is happy because Pakistan was created? Only elite people like Jinnah, or the feudal lords who rule Pakistan and earn big bucks while the rest of the country implodes.

And Pakistan was created on the assumption that ALL Muslims will leave India. If more Muslims chose India than Pakistan, that WHO was Pakistan created for? Should we now demand that all Muslims settle in Pakistan now, as agreed in 1947?

Tomorrow some other Muslim majority district will want azadi...when all apples start rotting, you have to take steps to stop them from rotting, not give away your baskets along with the apples. The best way to stop the Kashmir rot would be to let Indians from other states settle there...within months, the problem will disappear and all "alienation" will vanish, and we wont have to keep the paramilitary stationed there forever.

moon 16 hours ago

Think honestly...when has ANY religion-based state given equal rights to its minorities? Saudi? Pakistan? Yemen?

If the Pandits were chased out once, why wont they be chased out again? What has changed in the Kashmiri mindset in the last 20 years? And if this demand for azadi is not one based on religion, then why are ALL separatists Muslim? If Kashmir had 100% Hindu population, we know the demand would never have been raised. So what does this prove?

Of course Geelani hopes India can become a superpower, so that it can fund "azad" Kashmir when it turns into another Pakistan and the US cannot spare funds for them as well. So they become azad, have their own silly laws in place, nurture jihadis from neighboring Pakistan, and India foots the bill.

If you cannot afford azadi, dont ask for it just so that you have your own piece of land to govern, like a zamindar. That is what happened to Pakistan. You cannot have you cake and eat it too.

Sanjiv Khushu 4 hours ago

Pradeep...its exactly for this reason that you are a persona non grata in Kashmir..a poor little Dali Batta as Kashmiri Muslims will pleasingly call you....and a refugee in your own country...

Kashmiri Muslims call people like you poor becharey Pandits....It may be fine with you but its not fine with me..AT ALL.

Its this because of this shameful spinelessness that you have betrayed in your article that today we are a rootless community....inspite of being the aboriginals of Kashmir.

Now listen very carefully ....We shall go back and re claim our Yerushalem...our Homeland....WE SHALL TAKE IT BACK...AND LIVE AGAIN THERE FOR A THOUSAND YEARS....INSPITE OF YOUR COWARDICE......

unlike you we are not apologists....we will fight this democratically till our last breath but with our spines intact...


I cant believe it...Geelani who is the fountain head of Islamic radicalism..and a leading Jammat E Islaami zealot is today singing in the choir with the so called HR activists...It is a complete oxymoron...and we shall not allow this to happen in our democratic India ....absolutely not allow this sham to be forced on India....PRDEEP THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE....

moon 4 hours ago in reply to Sanjiv Khushu

Second that. A community that has lived in Kashmir for thousands of years gets the first rights on the land. Simple as that. Certainly, they are NOT second-class citizens.

Start an intifada. That is what will turn the tide.

moon 16 hours ago

So, essentially, this means that tomorrow if I attend a conference and demand that India be given "azadi" from all Muslims and we should hold a plebiscite after which they can all be sent to Pakistan (as agreed in 1947), Mr. Pradeep M. will cheer for my freedom of speech and feel proud of our democratic values?

kapil 12 hours ago

So the Marxists have Unleashed their full fuery on the Indian Masses in the form of intellectual articles advocating Arundhati's stand for independence of Kashmir. Please ponder over the following questions assuming that these Marxists have their way and we grant Kashmir it's independence:
1) What would be the fate of Secularism in India after Kashmir's independence? Would'nt then the definition be curtailed to include only Non Muslim areas where secularism would be applicable?
2)From above, how would Muslims be treated in rest of India?. Mind you, India lives beyond the newsroom and homes of the Marxists authors. So the backlash against Muslims and Islam cannot be measured sitting in AC rooms of the Newspapers and TV studios
3)What about Northeast states and their yearning for independence? Should'nt people of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur etc just convert to Islam for getting the marxists intellectuals on their side and then pressing India for freedom
4) Most importantly, if this is what Democracy gives India , why would ordinary people accept this form of governance?
Nobody asked me whether I would like to live in Democracy, Nobody asked me if I have to accept Secularism , these foreign concepts were forced down my throat by the SAME PEOPLE who are now using these same concepts to advocate Kashmir's independence without realising how much pain is this causing to the rest of Aam aadmi.
Please refrain from causing further anguish and from adding fuel to fire otherwise these Vegetarian people who cant even kill Animals for Food will become Animals themselves.

Bhatt 5 hours ago in reply to CK

And not only that. Thrown out of your own homes and say that the Indian administration ( read JagMohan) was responsible for migration of pundits, forgetting conveniently that posters were pasted on thier doors to leave kashmir or face death. " Raliv, Galiv ya Mariv " was the slogan which means either merge with us, or dissolve with us or be dead....
How conveniently Geelani can say today that equal rights will be given to all the sections when his slogan is " Azadi ka matlab kya ...La illa illala" These are the half truths Mr. magazine

Raghu_79 17 hours ago

Even Jinnah promised Pakistan to be country that will give equal rights to everyone. We know the condition of non-muslims in Pakistan!

Pradeep Magazine is a typical leftist moron who is spreading falsehood.
Yes the Kashmir issue IS A RELIGIOUS JIHADI struggle.

Change the Demographics of Kashmir to make it a HINDU majority state and you will see all
the problem disappear in one go.

Sanjak Kak is a moron and traitor who suffers from Stolkholm syndrome.

As far as Geelani's promise, you can kick it in the wastepaper basket.

Did not old and approaching death M A Jinnah also not make the same promise in 1947.

Where are the minorities in Pakistan now.

Mr. Magazine you need courage and conviction and logic before you reply to my message.

Raman 14 hours ago

Mr. Magazine should ask himself which Mr. Geelani should he trust? One who, while in Kashmir , not too long ago said that Kashmiri Pandits could return only if they apologized, and then agreed to join the so called Movement, and respect Sharia law (a code word for abiding by it) or the one who while in New Delhi and out of political expediency talks about brotherhood. I think Kashmiri Pandits should not be so easy to please when they have been hounded out and humiliated. If deliberate excesses have been committed against Kashmiri moslems who are innocent, I am all for prosecuting the offenders to the fullest. But not for a moment am I willing to buy this notion that separatists are saints. Having grown up in Srinagar, I know history quite well

Wah 16 hours ago

True = Kashmiri muslims are alienated from India today!

But Mr Magazine, tell me one country in the world where a segment of the population is not alienated from the nation. In New Zealand you have the Maoris, in Australia you have the aborigines - you name a country and there will be examples.

In your dim wit logic should all of them be given 'azaidi'. Bravo - you will have more than a million azad countries that way!!!

Candor 16 hours ago

Pradeep Magazine is basically a sports writer. The problem with so call intellectuals is that they do not address an issue from the bottom. Muslims had come to India with invading muslims and virtually settled here. However, they are not aboriginals and therefore, any person settled on a foreign land cannot seek independence just because they are in majority. Indians are in majority at many places in the world. Are they demanding independence from those countries ? Will those countries heed Indians if Indians start demanding independence from those countries ?

Despite so much Indian army presence, Kashmir Pandits have to leave Kashmir. Why Congress Govt. does not take steps to rehabilitate them in Kashmir under Indian forces security. Kashmiri Pandits are aboriginals of Kashmir and real owners. Muslims are not aboriginals therefore, have no right though they have turned in majority because of their religion allowing them to produce kids like pigs. India should not have given Pakistan and Bangladesh also and all these muslims should have been dragged out of entire India. If India could not do at that time, now India has the capabilities to at least throw them out in Kashmir.

Hindus need to unite to counter this threat in whole world. In India, muslims population have grown to 18% and with their tendency to live together, they general turn to majority in their areas and start demanding independence. There is hardly any reaction from muslims to revolting muslims in Kashmir which can be seen in discussions here also.

Kashmir had accessed to India legitimately as Kashmir was Hindu state ruled by Hindu king. Muslims had come to Kashmir as laborers under the King and therefore, have no right to claim the land.

India should quell this demand but Central Govt. approach is weak by sending interlocutors. India should lift article 370 and muslim population should be dispersed to end their majority and claim on the land. India should also press Pak to hand over POK with a deadline otherwise, should not afraid from taking military action to get the area vacated. We are ready to face nuke attacks than living with problems on daily basis.

Candor 49 minutes ago in reply to Arun

Muslims came and mingled with Shavite traditions of Kashmir means they are not aboriginals. Therefore, they have no right to demand independence from India. However, that is what islam preach. Wherever in the world, muslims turn in majority, they start seeking independence. Chechnya in Russia is another came and India can learn how they are fighting against muslims insurgency. All agitating people are pushed into mountainous areas and living in freezing cold. India is not acting at all against these separatists. With people seeing no action, most of local people also join these separatists as they look for their benefit. What muslims got from Pakistan and Bangladesh ? A large section of society is poor. Pakistan is already a failed state.

IndianFirst 14 hours ago

I don't understand the point this article is trying to make , every coin has another face ,if ownership of Kashmir is in question then we should not only see the plight of Kashmiri Muslims only ,and my point is if you have to weigh atrocities of people and ownership of Kashmir why only retrospect 20 years or 60 years ,why not go back to year 1400 when first Muslim ruler entered and started the Bloodbath.

Its not that only people of Kashmir has suffered but even other parts of India has also seen atrocities,all the terrorist acts committed were in the name of aazad Kashmir only.

Lets have a plebiscite include all the people ( all Indian states, all the people who were victims of terror).don't get into any idea that only Kashmiris are the victims ,millions of terror effected Indian are also victims.

Land of Kashmir was always India since the time immemorial.

Vik6666 5 hours ago in reply to shashank

so true. the puriks of kargil became muslim from buddhist under the sword but still they are oppressed by the kashmiri rulers. less said about the oppression of jammu people, ladakhis, buddhists, hindus, sikhs the better. its easy to keep subdividing in the name of azaadi. till each housboat on the dal is a separate country? instead lets put our energies in unifying. let kashmir stop being the unfinished business of a bankrupt discredited theory of partition and move on to being a bridge of reconciliation.

an azad kashmir will not last five minutes before it becomes a colony of islamabad. justlike gilgit-baltistan, pakhtun-kha, baluchistan and sindh. pakistan is not a normal conuntry or nation, it is merely a sunni muslim punjabi army and feudal kleptocracy that has a jagiri over a piece of land. 90% of ordainry pakistani citizens are oppressed. forget about hindus, buddhists or sikhs, even shias, ahmediyas, bohras, sufis, barelvis are not safe in pakistan.

just to wrap oneself in ones ultra-liberal credentials, doesn't mean these columnists should gloss over the cold facts.

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