Saturday, October 30, 2010 | J&K Interlocutors Confused, Bewildered: JKNPP

J&K Interlocutors Confused, Bewildered: JKNPP

Jammu | Oct 30, 2010

The Jammu and Kashmir National Panthers Party (JKNPP) said that the interlocutors who are entrusted with a highly sensitive task are "confused and bewildered" as the statements made by them in Srinagar and Jammu were "highly incompatible and irreconcilable".

"While in Kashmir the interlocutors made certain unsavoury and offensive remarks which were not in tune with the national mood, in Jammu the interlocutors took a U-turn favouring a solution based on consensus among all the three regions of the state," MLA and JKNPP chairman Harsh Dev Singh told reporters here.

The interlocutors created controversy by describing Kashmir as a 'dispute' and by entertaining proposals for 'azadi' mooted by certain quarters, he said.

"Their statements regarding the involvement of Pakistan as a party and holding talks with them and their suggestions for amendments in the Constitution to accommodate proposals were outside the purview of their assignment as interlocutors," Singh said.

He said the interlocutors were supposed to obtain views of different sections and report the same to the Government of India without propagating to the public their own personal views and opinions on the subject, adding, they should stick to the terms of reference and desist from making any provocative statements.

Alleging that the approach of the interlocutors was inconsistent and discordant with their assigned role, the JKNPP leader said the interlocutors had poor understanding of the history and polity of Jammu and Kashmir and that their visit to the Valley was an exercise in futility.
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