Thursday, February 24, 2011

Centre being persuaded for fresh approach on Kashmir @

Centre being persuaded for fresh approach on Kashmir

Punjab Newsline Network
Thursday, 24 February 2011
By Bashir Assad

NEW DELHI: Pressure is being built on UPA government at Centre for persuading the ruling National Conference and opposition Peoples Democratic Party for facilitating a barrier free dialogue between the separatists and the centre rather than to suggest their own roadmaps for the resolution of the problem.

Sources close to North Block maintain that the Home Minister P Chidambaram is not happy with the outcome of appointment of non-political Interlocutors as they could not cajole the separatist camp in Kashmir to enter into a dialogue.

Sources also said that Prime Minister Dr. Man Mohan Sigh’s fresh offer of dialogue to all sections in Jammu and Kashmir can culminate into a formal invitation to the Separatists for dialogue at highest political level. Sources also maintain that ace opinion makers proactive on Kashmir have suggested that the regional mainstream political parties in Kashmir should be prevailed upon to play their role as facilitators for dialogue between separatists and the government of India instead of pressing for their own roadmaps on Jammu and Kashmir problem.

“ opinion makers have suggested that a space should be created for Kashmiri nationalists and that is only possible when the regional mainstream political parties in Kashmir play their role as facilitators for dialogue instead of becoming part of the problem” sources said adding that some people in New Delhi think that space occupied by the nationalists in Kashmir is squeezing due to pro-active policy on Kashmir by mainstream regional parties including ruling National Conference and opposition Peoples Democratic Party.

Meanwhile Prime Minister Thursday underscored that it was an "obligation" of all the political parties not to do anything which will disturb the peaceful atmosphere that now prevails in Jammu and Kashmir. Sources said that Prime Minister’s assertion was in the backdrop of a report furnished by the intelligence agencies that forces other than the separatists were fishing in the troubled waters and that they may leave no stone unturned to repeat the 2010 summer unrest for their partisan interests.

However, Prime Minister did not elaborate but was clearly referring to the months of unrest in Kashmir valley, involving stone-pelting, which led to a cycle of violence resulting in death of over 100 people.

"Since then the situation has improved. But we keep our fingers crossed. Come this summer, I hope we will be vigilant enough to ensure that the unfortunate events that took place in the last summer in parts of Jammu and Kashmir do not take place," the prime minister said.

Meanwhile, Director, Centre for Policy Analysis, a Delhi-based think tank, Seema Mustafa criticized the UPA government for its insensitivity to the Kashmir problem. While talking to this correspondent, Seema said that UPA government at centre lacks vision on Kashmir and is insensitive to the horrible consequences of state of denial being pursued by it.

Seema who is also a senior journalist said that the government of India has to come out with a concrete Kashmir policy to take on board all the opinions in Jammu and Kashmir for a lasting peace in the region.

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