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Pir Panjal Geo- Administratively divides Jammu region from Kashmir Region by Daya Sagar

Pir Panjal Geo- Administratively divides Jammu region from Kashmir Region 
by Daya Sagar 

( *Daya Sagar is a social activists and senior coloumnist on J&K Affairs )

Kashmir valley leaders should remain satisfied for having unduly got 10 districts out of Just 2.5 districts of Maharaja’s J&K as against only 10 Districts for Jammu region that comprises almost five districts of Maharaja’s J&K. Jammu province lost Mirpur District to POK but it had Jagirs of Poonch and Chenani also with it. Kashmir province too lost Muzafarrabad to POK. Hence it will in the interest of Kashmir Valley that India state of J&K remains united.

The separatist Kashmiri leaders and those who find profitable survival only in disturbed J&K are surely now feeling weak before the outside world. Therefore now they are trying to even raise the religious sentiments of the muslims of Jammu province to gather some more numbers at their back. Kashmir leaders well know that the muslims of Jammu province never had cultural and territorial one ness with the Kashmir Valley. Jammu muslims also well understand that the Kashmiri leadership has always considered the Jammu muslims as 2nd class residents of J&K like other religious minorities. Insurgency and militancy that had severely hit Kashmir Valley in 1989. This day anti India elements have nearly eclipsed the future of J&K. The reconstruction of social matrix is more important and worrying now. The Kashmiri separatist leadership has succeeded in exploiting the religious sentiments of the innocent Kashmiri Muslims. They now are now desperately bent upon using the same for giving air to their sinister designs in Jammu region as well . The so called mainstream leadership too has been using religious sentiments in the past. But now they are themselves pushed to lower ladder. There is utmost need for GOI to remedy the local doubts. Today some Kashmiries are listing Kashmiriat over Indian Nationality.

It is not for the first time that some Kashmir Valley muslims have talked of 2.5 Districts for the agitating people from Jammu region. In the past also even Sheikh Mohd Abdullah had at one or two occasions described the resentments from Jammu region being limited to only 2 and half districts .It was on 6 Aug that Omar Farooq very very openly said while talking to an Indian electronic channel and also issued a statement on behalf of Hurriyat that Kashmiries have no objection to separation of the people of Jammu region from J&K but it will be over a geographical areas of just two and half districts of Jammu ( Jammu, Kathua and some parts of Udhampur/ Reasi ). And Sajjad Lone too has gone vocal when he too as panelist of Barkha Dutt ( an emerging self acclaimed journalist on J&K affairs ) on 24 x7 TV channel made a similar suggestion on 10 Aug . Dr. Farooq Abdullah out rightly rejected Sajjad lone and pleaded for unity of J&K State. 

But Farooq Abdullah too did not question Sajjad lone for suggesting division of J&K on the basis of religion. Such Kashmiri leadership unilaterally declares that since the population of muslims in the districts of Poonch, Rajouri, Doda / Kishtwar is more than that of Hindu they are with the Kashmiri muslims. Such suggestions have been made in protest against the people of Jammu region when ever the Kashmir valley leadership has been questioned for its selfish intentions. And now the Kashmiri Muslim separatist and anti India elements have so boldly started making such Suggestions. .Mehbooba Mufti too has made similar declarations agitating against the on going Shri Amarnath Shrine Bhoomi Andolan in Jammu. This clearly showed that the Kashmir centric leadership scared of the resentments from Jammu region is now making efforts create divides between the protesting Hindu and Muslim of Jammu Region..

The Kashmiriat of leaders like Omar Farooq, Geelani, Mufti Sayeed, Mehbooba Mufti has been exposed after the SASB land row. Their Kashmiriat sees the future generations of Kashmir practicing only Islam. They see the face of Kashmiriat only in the culture and living style of muslims. And still claim to be secular. In case this is secularism of Kashmiri Muslims then meaning of secularism will have to be changed. The way the return of Kashmiri Pundits has been a non issue for the Kashmiries for last 19 years one should have no problem in understanding the communal and anti India mind set of these Kashmiri leaders. Unfortunately such leaders have been able to take a lead in Kashmir valley and Delhi too takes care of them .

Bharat has been ruled for a few centuries by those who had their ancestral roots outside the known and acknowledged geographical boundaries of India . But many like Mughals accepted Bharat as their mother land. These days some people in the name of muslims so easily threaten that in case their demands and supremacy is not accepted it would lead to disintegration of Bharat / India . These people lack real conviction and knowledge of History and traditions of Bharat.

Recently Bharat sarkar has filed an affidavit / reply in the Supreme Court of India where in it has been quoted during the proceedings that Ram Setu was made by Shri Ram over 16 or 17 Lac years back .This I am quoting here only to show that how old is the known history and traditions of Bharat. But still some so called secular political leaders of India threaten disintegration of India in case any one challenges those who want to dismantle the Bhartiyae sanscriti . Political gamesmanship in the name of special considerations to Muslims / other religion followers over and above the needs of even the most needy people who may be practising Hindu traditions has become the religion of political parties like Congress, RJD,SP, DMK, CPM etc.. Had the Muslim population been only 5 % these so called saviors of Muslims would not have been so vocal about muslims like they have not bothered to attach any importance to Jains , Budhists, etc .

The leaders who often accuse the Hindu of being communal must know that Hindu by birth is secular. It is only in Hinduism where any pooja padvati ( method of worshiping / remembering God / acknowledging god ) is so plainly permitted. Individuals should not be seen as blots on a religion.

Often the people of Jammu region have raised voice against discrimination meted by the local governments dominated by Kashmir centric leaders J&K too has been the victim of such like threats.. In response Kashmiri Muslims leaders immediately threaten that in case GOI made any attempt to dilute the supremacy of Kashmiri Muslims India may have to see another partition./ disintegration of India. Recently a repeat interview of Mehbooba Mufti was telecast by NDTV on 7 August at 0930 pm. 

While talking to Vijay Trivedi Mehbooba to a question said that Hindustan will break, rather it will break in many parts in case the Ghulam Nabi Azad government order of July 1st is revoked to allow use of 800 Kanals of land at Baltal by SASB. She went to the extent of saying that the Hindu of Jammu region could separate out from J&K in the form of two and half districts leaving the muslim majority districts of Poonch/ Rajouri/ Doda for Kashmir State./ Province. Hurriyat called the muslims of Poonch and Rajouri also to cross LOC to POK along with the Kashmiries to defy the LOC on 11 Aug carrying trucks to other side. The Kashmiri leaders are surely over estimating their capacity and strength for re writing the Indian History. They do not understand that the cultural history of Kashmir Valley would be incomplete without the reference of the Hindu Sanscriti. A few who have the origin of their ancestors outside India can not write the destiny of all . Most of the muslims have their origin in the Bhatiya Sanscrity and symbols .

The leaders like Mehbooba and Omar Farooq are too young to have honestly read the history of pre 1947 J&K .I would like to provide some information to them so that they do not waste their energies in unrealistic concept of 2 and half districts for Jammu region. Rather if we go by the administrative and social logic of the J&K of Maharaja Hari Singh’s times then this day it could be 2 and half districts of Maharaja’s J&K for Kashmir Valley. Jammu Division comprised of the whole area covered by the ranges of low hills to the south of Pir Panjal Mountains which divide the two provinces of Jammu and Kashmir.

Kashmir province was junior partner to Jammu province. J&K as it was administered by Maharaja Hari Singh was divided into three parts ; 1.The Province of Jammu ( Jammu , Kathua , Reasi , Udhampur , and Mirpur districts and Jagirs of Poonch & Chenani ) 2.The Province of Kashmir (districts of Anantnag ,. Baramulla and Muzaffarabad ) 3.The District of Ladakh. The head of revenue administration in a province was a Governor and Ladakh district was under a Wazir Wazarat.. Jammu Province of the Maharaja times had 5 districts and Kashmir province had 3 districts. .Muzafarabad and Mirpur are today in POK. 

The area of the Kashmir Division (Kashmir Province) was 22200 sq km and the population at the census of 1941 was 17, 28,686 souls. The area of Jammu Province was 32200 sq km and the population as per the 1941 census was 20,01,557 souls.

No doubt the Princely State of Maharaja Hari Singhji Bahadur had 77 % muslim population. Jammu Province too had a large population of muslims. Still no area of Jammu province was kept under the Governor of Kashmir Province by Hari Singh. Jammu Province still extended over larger part of the domain as compared to Kashmir Province without any communal overtones and considerations . This well spoke of the secular character of the Jammu Province of J&K. Therefore all those who are suggesting for separate State out of only Jammu, Kathua and half of Udhampur District by excluding muslim majority areas of Jammu Province are them self communal..

( *Daya Sagar is a social activists and senior coloumnist on J&K Affairs )

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