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Yasin Malik attacked in Ajmer - Hindustan Times

Yasin Malik attacked in Ajmer
Ashiq Hussain, Hindustan Times
Srinagar, February 11, 2011

First Published: 18:41 IST(11/2/2011)
Last Updated: 18:42 IST(11/2/2011)Share

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Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front chairman Yasin Malik on Friday was attacked allegedly by a group of BJP activists in Ajmer where he is currently to take part in the Eid Milad celebrations at the Dargah.

Malik told HT over phone that a mob of around 400 to 500 people carrying BJP flags threw
stones and
bottles at him when he was in his hotel near the Dargah Sharief. One of the stone hit Malik's head.

"After returning from Dargah in the morning I was standing in the balcony of the hotel in which I am staying with my wife, when suddenly a group of 400 to 500 BJP activists came charging towards the hotel. When they saw me, they raised slogans like Bharat mein rehna hai tou Ram Raj kehna hai and Bharat me rehna hai tou vande matram kehna hai," Malik said.

"They attacked me with stones and bottles and one of the stone hit my head. Although the injury is swollen but I am ok," he said.

Malik said that the attackers, who were carrying tricolour and BJP flags, were subdued after "hundreds of Kashmiris who are in Ajmer to take part in the urs at the Ajmer Sharief came immediately towards the hotel to support him."

"Many Kashmiri people are in Ajmer Sharief right now. When they came to know about the attack, they reached the hotel to support us. Police came after about 50 minutes," he said.

Separatist leaders of Kashmir have often become a target of mobs in various states particularly after a seminar in New Delhi in September last year which became famous in media for "anti India" speeches by speakers including hard-line separatist Syed Ali shah Geelani. Since then moderate separatist leader Mirwaiz Umar Farooq has also attacked many times during his tour of various cities.

Senthil 1 hour ago

BTW who is Yasin Malik? To most Indians he is a killer, a terrorist and now a self-styled leader of Kashmiris. This is a typical Cock and bull story from this killer of 4 unarmed Indian air force personnel in Srinagar and kidnapper of Rubia Syed. If 400-500 BJP workers had attacked him - he would be history and his statement that Kashmiris in Ajmer came to his rescue is his fairy tale. What has happened to news reporting standards? HT publishes a news based on a phone call from a person and publish it without verifying it from local law-enforcement or even the hotel. The fact is that people like Malik have been exposed after statement by Prof Ghani that Molvi Farooq and Gani Lone were not killed by Indian security forces but by separtists themselves. Now people like Malik want to play this 'victim' card just to stay in limelight and media outlets like HT are providing that. Has your reporter verified this story from local police in Ajmer (I am sure 400-500 people just don't escape notice) or from the hotel itself. Has the hotel filed a report with police for being attacked with stones?

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Marathaindian 1 hour ago

Better if BJP hires snipers to kill every antinational.

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Desmond 1 hour ago in reply to Marathaindian

You want every BJP wallah to shoot themselves ?

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RDX 1 hour ago in reply to Desmond

U should be first in line
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Aks 1 hour ago

Deserving candidate to be harrased by every "True" Indian!!

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