Friday, February 18, 2011

Jammu Kashmir
Area 26293 skm 15948skm
Contribution to Govt income 75% by way of taxes and electricy 20% , but not by way of tax or electr which are free in the valley for last 60 years
Voters 3059986 (actual figures, this excludes lacs of those who have been denied voting writes misusing the section 370) ) 2883957 (inflated figures , there are lots of bogus voters)
Assembly seats 37 47
Lok sabha seats 2 3
State cabinet ministers 5 14
Unemployment 70% 30%
Govt Employment 1.2 lacs 3 lacs
Secretariat emloyees 20% 75%
Phe laborers 500K 2100K
Electrification 70 % 99 %
Roads 4571 km 7129 km
Road density/ km 23% 51%
Tourists 80 lacs 4 lacs
Tourism expenditure 10% 85%
Public sector enterprises Nil 3
Agriculture expenditure 30% 70%
Sericulture expenditure 30% 70%
Pet slogan Hindustan zindabad Pakistan zindabad
Favorite flag Tricolor of India Green and white flag of Pakistan
Top priority To protect the borders of independent (azad) India To extract money from Indian central govt by raising bogy of azadi from time to time
Agitations led by People themselves Separatist huriyat and their agents
Guided by Local By Pakistanis and their agents
Contribution to armed forces of India JAKLI Dogra regiments – guarding the borders of India

Every 4th person who dies at border (60 years) is from Jammu Boo – boo (jeer) the army contingents placed in shrinagar to protect kashmiris from pakistani extremists.

(Hardly any….. negligible participation in Indian forces)
Contribution to the history of kashmir Mahraja Gulab Singh and his armed forces Commander Zorawer Singh of duggar united entire J&K, extending its frontiers beyond Leh and Ladakh and Aksai Chin, 200 years ago.

(Let a proud nation acknowledge their contribution to these great nation warriors and pay its debts) Separatists devided Kashmir 60 years ago. – and continue to try to do so today.
The culture of India and heritage of Hindus Meticulously preserved by the people of this region from centuries despite the onslaught of invaders from across the western asia Meticulously destroyed by successive muslim rulers of valley since 1100 AD TILL TODAY
Independence day

Demographic changes 15th August

Accommodated all including Kashmiri Muslims in last 60 years. 14th August

Annihilation Hindus, completed planned ethnic cleansing by throwing out 5lakhs Non-Muslims with their terror tactics .
Political visits To India To Pakistan to confirm their loyalties, to India get the regular ransom for the continued blackmail.

Forest lands Bhatindi and Siddara,

Forest land in Batindi along the Jammu Hills overlooking Gandhi Nagar, Jammu occupied by 3000 odd powerful Kashmir families and militants, and converted into a fortressed colony of powerful and mighty from Kashmir.

River bed of Tawi converted in another colony by illegal occupation and colonization as Siddra colony.
Attitude / action

Against terrorism Fight Harbour, support and contribute
Terrorist attacks Innumerable on temples, civilian targets and army areas during 10 years Nil on civilian targets in valley. All attacks on Indian armed forces, any local deaths only logistic.
Attacks on religion places Many Nil

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