Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Daya Sagar

Daya Sagar

daya sagar
Daya Sagar is a free lancer scribe.social,education,economy,international relations,human rights , affairs/history of J&K.Over 700 write ups published in different news papers over last 20 years.Engineer with M. Tch 1971 .Have a place as an engineer in J&K. 

An original thinker.Working in the cause of the social and human rights .Social activists for more than 25 years.Headed for over six years VO J&K Samaj Kalyan Kendra primarily working for the welfare of the DEAF ( Hearing handicap)/ Handicapped in general. Advisor to International Human Rights Protection Council,Jammu(J&K).Remained President of J&K Confederation of Voluntary, Social and Charitable Organisations. 

*Has the distinction of having promoted the idea of Social Audit through a voluntary group--Group Research and Audit on Social Programmes(GRASP INDIA). *Daya Sagar belongs to a family that has seen the times of Sheikh Abdullah /pre 1953 days,times of Bakshi Gulam Mohammed/Shams u Din/G.M.Sadiq/Sayed Mir Qasim/ Sheikh Abdullah 1975 once again.*Associate families had many bureaucrats,social activists, political leaders including senior Ministers and Legislators

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