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Kashmir News - Women in Gilgit Protest Atrocities of Pakistani Army

TheKashmirNews | February 15, 2010 | 8 likes, 1 dislikes

Gilgit, February 09: The women of Gilgit Baltistan, who seldom come out of their houses, have now become the face of protests against Islamabad's oppressive rule and the military's high handedness in the region.

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Gilgit is my favourite, nice people. I think if they want independance from Pakistan, they should get it as you all know if everyone is in line for independance why not my beloved "Gilgit" otherwise I am afraid Pakistan may sell it to China, you know what I mean, Chinese Army is already there!

ambardarlane 5 months ago 7

Pakistan is land of kafirs, pakistan army is kafir army kill as many officers u want. forgot Lal masjid, forgot the humiliation from punjabis, making independet Balochistan is your birthright. Pakistan is terrorist state, need to devide and remove kafirs.
yusuf91976 5 months ago 6
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@Bilsher007 What is,as it is. I can't believe the place you live in earn your living and you call Enemies. You did not write UK but you meant UK too. Pakistan is a Hub of Fundamentalism, bigotery and exporter of terrorism, there has never been a stable Govt since 1947.

A kashmiri is who speaks kashmiri, these days everyone calls themselves kashmiri. Which place in kashmiri your parents come from!
ambardarlane 1 week ago

@maddymechoist ....what all battles against india u so of bitch bastard ? Pakistan's birth is the biggest slap on the faces o you bigot bastards in 1947 then  liberating 1/3 of kashmir was the second defeat to you bhindians.. and in 1965 war we fuced from top to bottom which was third humiliation .. in 1971 due to mistakes of all our politicians we created internal crisies in east pakistan of which you rats do advantage ..
Bilsher007 1 week ago

@ambardarlane .... Many people have seen dreams of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.A.W) approving birth of Pakistan.. well known scholar like Maulana Shabbir Usmani and many others .. In today's age it is imperative that Muslims stay united like a iron wall... our enemies our india, america and israel... Mistakes of politicians and some armed forces officers or soldiers should'nt paint a bad picture of whole of Pakistan... I doubt ur a kashmiri... I have kashmiri background from both sides of my parents
Bilsher007 1 week ago

this protest is against the government. We are all one people with sameIslamic ideology and culture. Those people trying to promote propaganda our going to eliminated by ALLAH... government of Pakistan is corrupt and is one it's last stages... True Islamic government will be formed very soon..and true islamic plitical, social,economic, welfare and judicial systems will be formed as they should have been after birth of Pakistan..
Bilsher007 1 week ago

All those people maing anti pakistan comments better understand that Azad kashmir is not OCCUPIEd by Pakistan.. There is a complete contrast as is black and white.. when it comes to comparision with india.. Kashmiris are part of pakistan, Azad kashmir has it's own independent prime minister..Pakistan has access to azad kashmir and it's almost as if it's like our own province but it is independent. Kashmiris live all over pakistan,
Bilsher007 1 week ago

Kashmiris should be lucky to be part of India. All those stone pelters should see this video...they will start throwing rose petals on Indian soldiers and will start falling to their feet.
ayubaliali 2 weeks ago

after reading to all these comments, i can say we have created another kashmir on youtube.....ryt?????friends lets not do what our forefathers did.....we all come to social networking sotes to make friends....then why are we fighting???????? is this what we learn in our schools and colleges????instead we must better talk about solutions....instead of playing a blame game and using harsh words for it a kashmiri, pakistani or indian.........ryt.
azad91970 3 weeks ago

I am very sad to know that our corrupt Generals are paid to kill own people in this region.
786akbarkhan 1 month ago

Pakistan will be destroyed by its own people.

Military cannot run democracy, democracy runs military.

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