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Baltistan music and culture

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Beautiful Balistan

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hey, i am from ladakh, i understand most of the words you are using in the song. please don't mix with urdu coz you have your own complete languge. protect your language by using it
skaratpa 1 year ago

Salam brother

I am happy that you have responded to my clip.That is true that we have no more our own langauge in pure condition. According to international report balti langauge is one the languages that is going to be disapear in near future.We as a culture should take special steps to stop it.Any way thanks for the comments and keep it up.
mosavisyed 1 year ago

wow i like it im from also baltistan
728311111 3 years ago 3

Thanks we should keep our culture.I love Balitistan too.
mosavisyed 3 years ago
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skoor hay.....
baltish7 3 years ago 2
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nice song and thx for such a good song upload
mhbalghari 6 months ago

reeksha shairee sy behter hy ki mat gaiy.
geohassan2003 7 months ago

nice song
mhbalghari 10 months ago

my one only favourite song for ever
mhbalghari 10 months ago

I am Tibetan. Does "shey" mean song in Balti language?

In Tibetan, "shey" means song.
namook1965 1 year ago

i have been there for 2years.good place but if basic facialties are provided then no place like baltistan.
faisalcanada 1 year ago

zabardast ly kasakal
topazrw2 2 years ago

Wow ha ha ha geo balti
baltimoon 3 years ago

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