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Kashmir News - Pakistan destroys Gilgit Baltistan's heritage

TheKashmirNews | August 03, 2010 | 1 likes, 0 dislikes

Gilgit,August 03: Gilgit Baltistan in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir is a treasure trove of ancient history.But rampant smuggling of its ancient artifacts and a proposed dam which will inundate the area is likely to destroy the rare heritage of the Himalayan region.

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Pakistan is a country of dacoit, mafia, and terrorist. what can i give example i.e. Dawood, Bin Laden, Hafez Saeed do u need more?
yusuf91976 2 days ago

u porkistanis r never going to get on ur feet. u guys r killing urself. hahahahaha
TheKashmir2009 1 month ago

How else will the paki corrupt government and its wicked army trick Americans to steal more American dollars? It is a big business now days.
akram53727 3 months ago

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